Apr  May 2021
17 12
Tuesday, May 11, 2021   
Award Winner
30 CAL  fIST (48 kills with 30 CAL Machine Gun)
Area Captured  Derhuhn (202 areas captured)
Backstabbing  TooTH_PIK (36 kills with the American Knife)
Bar Browning  Napoléon (107 kills with the BAR Browning Automatic Rifle)
Bazooka  F4 F (16 kills with the Bazooka)
Best Latency  Lupo (21 ms average connection)
Bomb Planter Killer  COUPE (6 kills)
Carbine  must2kill (26 kills with the M1Carbine)
Colt Freak  27 txarly (5 kills with the Colt .45 model 1911)
Dominator  TooTH_PIK (71 dominations)
Garand  Walter White (317 kills with the M1 Garand Rifle)
German Grenade  Napoléon (83 bombings with the German Grenade)
German Machine  Lice (54 kills with the MG42)
K98 Scoped  -=|Pacatto|=- (117 kills with the K98 Scoped)
Kar 98  Tripa-secA (74 kills with K98)
Longest Death Streak  LagOmatic (19 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  ES | Jim Chonrei (22 kills)
Longest Play Time  Napoléon (13:35:07h hours)
Most Captures  Derhuhn (202 captures)
Most Deaths  No Mas Extraterrestres (380 deaths)
Most Headshots  GHS (59 headshots)
Most Improved Player  Vivicon (3,808 points gained)
Most Kills  Walter White (396 kills)
Most Suicides  Napoléon (23 suicides)
MP40  Muffin_ToP Qc (77 kills with the MP40 Machine Pistol)
MP44  Fertiliz FAT (71 kills with the MP44 Assault Rifle)
Panzerschreck  SRG Evil (20 kills with the Panzerschreck)
Pistol C96  COUPE (38 kills with the Pistol C96)
Puncher  The Greener (4 knock-outs)
Revenger  No Mas Extraterrestres (24 revenges)
Rifle Grenade Ger  Novato-Brasil-Poa-RS (44 kills with Garand Rifle Grenade)
Rifle Grenade US  Tripa-secA (35 kills with the K98 Rifle Grenade)
Shovel God  Kaeboz (9 kills with the spade)
Spring Sniper  GHS (161 snipings with the Springfield 03 Rifle)
Thompson  Jean Marie Le paon (107 kills with the Thompson Submachine Gun)
Top Defuser  Penelope (16 bomb defusions)
Top Demolitionist  SMAP (41 bomb plantings)
US Grenade  4LD3B4R4N (128 bombings with the U.S. Grenade)