March 2018  Apr
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Sunday, Mar 11, 2018   
Award Winner
Backstabbing  JJ_Slayer (15 Kills with U.S. Issue Knife)
Bar Browning  Yaro (72 kills with the BAR Browning Automatic Rifle)
Bazooka  SGT PROPHET (8 kills with the Bazooka)
Best Latency  ddlink (5 ms average connection)
Colt Freak  Nordlicht (10 kills with the Colt .45 model 1911)
Garand  [M|475|M] 73 {MP} (859 kills with the M1 Garand Rifle)
Headsmasher  ddlink (22 kills with Garand Butt Stock)
Kar  PepeBuendia (77 kills with the Mauser Kar 98k)
Longest Death Streak  Toronto.^ (28 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  Nordlicht (23 kills)
Longest Play Time  [M|475|M] 73 {MP} (08:53:14h hours)
Luger Freak  Freddy_M (31 kills with the Luger 08 Pistol)
Most Deaths  [M|475|M] 73 {MP} (480 deaths)
Most Improved Player  [M|475|M] 73 {MP} (3,275 points gained)
Most Kills  [M|475|M] 73 {MP} (1,178 kills)
MP40  leon (121 kills with the MP40 Machine Pistol)
MP44  Nordlicht (62 kills with the MP44 Assault Rifle)
Panzerschreck  Ling (5 kills with the Panzerschreck)
Shovel God  [M|475|M] Herr Kutt {MP} (6 kills with the spade)
Spring Sniper  NeO|GoD|BORN.61 (113 snipings with the Springfield 03 Rifle)
Thompson  rebeldiamond (47 kills with the Thompson Submachine Gun)
US Grenade  [Me109] p1zz4m4n (59 bombings with the Grenade)